Microtraining for Dutch Truck Drivers

The Dutch transport company Van der Wal International wanted to develop a sustainable solution for their learning practices. With support from Delft University of Technology and ACHT Business ... Read More

Poll: Economic Crisis Boosts E-Learning

The world’s present economic woes are opening up new opportunities for innovative forms of education and training such as informal learning, e-learning and blended learning. Faced with shrinking budgets... Read More

Failed Schoolgirl Returns to School

Sixteen years old and having failed at school, Zenna Atkins launched her first social enterprise. She aspired to help people who appeared to share her fate: a dismal future due to a lack of academic qualific... Read More

E-Learning Down Under

As a country dominated by space and renowned for its self-sufficiency, distance education has been part of Australia’s educational landscape for a long time. But does it necessarily mean that the nation is ... Read More

Textbooks Terminated – Schools go Online

©Inacio Pires - Fotolia.com California’s Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has launched an initiative to ban textbooks from high school classrooms and replace them with digital material. Traditional book... Read More

Top Security Training Meeting

John Geates Some of the biggest "names" in security training will be in Berlin on December 2nd for this year’s Security and Defence Learning, the annual forum at which the worlds of security and technology-... Read More