Tweets of the week Monday, July 23th – Friday, July 27th, 2012

Monday, July 23th – Friday, July 27th, 2012


Just how accurate is the Thomas Reuters SCIE abstracting system for cataloguing scientific publications?  This SciDevNet report is an insightful read.  Still on higher education, an article in The Guardian on Tuesday focused on how “Social media is more than simply a marketing tool for academic research”  In light of our theme this year of “Reach Beyond Tomorrow”, we were pleased to read about 40 Ways Education Technology Will Be Used In The Future, an article by #edudemic  Back to the present day, 17-year old Brittany Wenger of Florida has won the Google Science Fair Grand Prize for her breast cancer diagnosis app Not bad for a youngster! And if you’re taking technology to an even younger generation, these handy hints on using Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest in the primary school classroom are worth a look: Tracy Alloway of the University of North Florida is convinced that using social media is good for the brain in this brief podcast. Finally, inspired by the Olympics, ICT teacher Chris Leach @theguardian presents a thought-provoking piece entitled “The Olympics, World Cup and Battle of Hastings – bringing real world events to life in class” And now – let the games begin!


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