An open call for higher education

The European Learning Industry Group (ELIG) and the United Nations University are preparing a publication on the emergence of open education as a concept, a production process and a delivery preference in the world of education and learning. They are seeking compelling case studies and contributions. Do you have an academic story to tell?


Drawing on early lessons from around the globe, the book will lay out how formal education, workplace learning and lifelong learning have been impacted so far by open education and how they stand to be further impacted by a landscape that is still changing. The book will examine the social and economic consequences of open education and provide an insight into the way open education could contribute to a higher level of digital inclusion and to the establishment of new and innovative services of high social and economic merit.


Lin Squires, Senior Advisor at ELIG told the OEB News Service that because open education has come a long way, the book will be a comprehensive look at the experiences of practitioners worldwide, focusing on developments from the past six years. “The book will feature long and short case studies of initiatives, practices and projects to illustrate theoretical concepts and emerging models of open education in the context of the latest academic studies and entrepreneurial innovation,” said Squires.


ELIG is collaborating with the United Nations University’s Maastricht Economic and Social Research Institute on Innovation and Technology (UNU-MERIT). Andreas Meiszner, a Senior Researcher and Project Manager at UNU-MERIT, says that the book will not focus on open education resources (OER). “OER is a mere subset of open education, and the book will therefore take a more holistic approach covering the components of OE, pertinent trends in technology and much else on learning outcomes. While people may have interesting OER stories to tell, it’s important to remember that content alone does not constitute education!” Squires added, “We are looking to hear from people who know of case studies that illustrate the value and impact of open education, the challenges it faces to achieve value or interesting innovative initiatives in open education.”


For more information on ELIG, UNU-MERIT, and how you might take part in the project, please click here.

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