Tweets of the week Monday, August 14th – Friday, August 17th, 2012

The overall theme of this year’s ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN is Reaching Beyond Tomorrow, so we were fascinated to learn about a new “Gaze-tracking illusion [that] lets you draw with your eyes.”  The software, which is still in development, would allow those with locked-in syndrome to write or draw on a screen.  There is a brief demonstration on the New Scientist website:  We also tweeted about “20 Google Tools for Today’s Classrooms” which was complemented by “30 ways you should be using Google”, a colourful infographic that packs an informative punch Nevertheless, there are pitfalls aplenty if little thought is given to creating an effective implementation plan.  Writing in The Chronicle of Higher Education, Pamela Hieronymi pleads with educators: “Don’t confuse technology with teaching”  Researcher and author Daniel Donohoo argues, in a blog entry entitled The future of apps for children beyond ABC and 123, that “It’s not a given that technology in the hands of young children will benefit their development.” See his Huff Post Education article here:  On the other end of the educational pipeline, Elizabeth Eva Leach, writing on a London School of Economics and Political Science’s blog, argues that it’s high time senior academics turned to self-publishing online in order to lift the stigma off this quick way to get research noticed.  What this approach would mean for the traditional peer-review process and professional standards remains to be seen, but her discussion will interest students and scholars alike


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