Call for papers for Security & Defence Learning 2012

This year’s Security & Defence Learning will have “a heavy emphasis” on innovation and learning for change, says Dr Harold Elletson, the Chairman of the New Security Foundation, the organisation which hosts the annual gathering of security training experts. What else is in store for this year’s forum?


Focusing on trends, technology and transformation in the security and defence fields, the 8th annual Security & Defence Learning will cover a wide range of themes reflecting the myriad of new challenges in today’s security environment. The forum organisers have issued a call for papers to be presented at Security & Defence Learning on November 28th, 2012 at the Hotel InterContinental in Berlin.


Themes to be covered include “Change, Innovate, Learn”; “Tools to Transform Content and Practice”; “Which Environment, What Media?”; “The New Lust for Learning – what it means for recruits and employers”;  and “Technology Focus”.


Explaining the reasoning behind the forum themes, Elletson says, “The way people learn today is changing dramatically. Young people expect to be taught differently. They absorb their learning in a new way. And older people too expect to be involved in a process of continuous learning.  So, those responsible for education and training in armed forces, police and emergency services, as well as in the growing private security sector, face the challenge of dealing with a new generation of learners at the same time as they face the task of responding to a rapidly evolving and increasingly complex set of new security threats. This means that we have to look not only at what we learn but also at how we learn it.”


With this in mind, how can we use technology to improve how we learn new security disciplines? How can we innovate to stay ahead and what are the technology concerns specific to security and defence training experts? To submit a proposal or to suggest another subject for discussion, please contact Anna Shigwedha of the New Security Foundation here.

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