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22 – 24, 2023

Fringe Events

Meet ups

Meet with peers for candid conversations on higher ed’s digital transformation - and the role local, regional, national and international initiatives and ecosystems play.


Digital Detox

Disconnect to reconnect in the luxurious Hotel InterContintental Spa! At previous events, OEB participants could take a breather for special reduced rate in this 1000m² environment for relaxation.

Mindfulness and Yoga

One of our past side events invited everyone to find balance with exercises for the body and mind in early morning free yoga classes, where you would learn about the benefits of yoga in education as well.

The Christmas Market

Visit one of Berlin’s most prominent Christmas markets, located five minutes from the conference venue, in the company of fellow participants.

Networking Tours

On Friday late afternoon, directly after the conference ends at 17:15, we usually arrange free/low-cost tours for those staying until the weekend. Among others, we've visited the Berlin’s Game Science Center and the Chaos Computer Club.

Marlene Bar Meet-up

On Thursday, all registered participants are invited to unwind and continue networking after a day of fruitful conversations at the Marlene Bar from 19:00.