Becoming a Digital Emanator

OEB 2015 focuses on enabling change…‘the shift’. It’s a wonderful opportunity for you to consider driving your area of learning or teaching towards your vision. But, how do you shine a light and create a viable... Read More

Tech scores with robots in Brazil

This week in Around the World, it’s cheap chips for India’s mobile market as Mozilla prepare to launch a $25 smartphone. The tech game-changers hit Brazil, with drone spies and exoskeletons defending the World ... Read More

Shark track to prevent attack, and other stories

The view of Senkaku/Daioyu from the Chinese side Around the World this week is more international than ever, with several stories dealing with cross-border initiatives and issues – including a video-sharing project helping “to tear down the wall of ignoran... Read More

The world in Berlin

Around the World has been travelling the globe in search of e-learning stories for several months now. This week it's a bit different: the world has come to us! More than 90 different countries are represented ... Read More

Attack of the cyborg cockroaches, and other stories

While technology-supported learning is a worldwide movement, it takes on a dazzling variety of different forms everywhere it is practised, from the hi-tech parks of Singapore to the dank gap behind the fridge in an Australian home. Read on for stories about e-... Read More

India’s menstrual mythbusters, and other stories

Here at Around the World, we often find that the most unusual and interesting innovations are not to be found in the obvious places. That's just one of the reasons we are always on the lookout for interesting stories from all over the planet. Alongside major p... Read More

Japan’s schools of fish, and other stories

As the largest global conference on technology-assisted learning, ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN unites e-learning practitioners from around the world. In a new weekly feature celebrating these international credentials, ... Read More