India’s menstrual mythbusters, and other stories

Here at Around the World, we often find that the most unusual and interesting innovations are not to be found in the obvious places. That’s just one of the reasons we are always on the lookout for interesting stories from all over the planet. Alongside major projects in Haiti and Thailand, there’s fascinating e-learning news from India and Australia this week – just read on…




AUSTRALIA: an online programme is trying to tackle the country’s worryingly high suicide rate (WORLD TODAY)


AFRICA: at 38.9%, the continent has the highest mobile learning growth rate in the world (BIZTECHAFRICA)


HAITI: a hub to improve education and digital literacy is to be established in Port au Prince (BUSINESS & LEADERSHIP)


THAILAND: the government has launched a national Smart Education Plan, gearing education towards tablets and educational apps (GOOD EREADER)


USA: is Miami the tech capital of Latin America? (WLRN)


and in other news…


INDIA: meet Menstrupedia – an unlikely online resource challenging Hindustan’s engrained superstitions about menstruation (HINDUSTANI TIMES)

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