Japan’s schools of fish, and other stories

As the largest global conference on technology-assisted learning, ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN unites e-learning practitioners from around the world. In a new weekly feature celebrating these international credentials, the News Portal brings you a round-up of the latest stories to emerge from the global education and tech sectors this week.




SOUTH KOREA: A tutor in the PISA test’s 2nd top performing country is earning $4m a year – and technology is one of the secrets to his success. (FORBES)


UK: E-Learning, as we know, goes way beyond formal education. A study from the University of Southampton suggests it could be a vital weapon in the battle against bacterial antibiotic resistance. (VIRTUAL COLLEGE)


USA: Tech startups are gunning for universities. Is higher ed as we know it about to undergo a process of “creative destruction”? (HUFFINGTON POST)


PHILIPPINES: After the recent curriculum overhaul, e-learning becomes the next big step for education in the archipelago. (MANILA STANDARD TODAY)


AUSTRALIA: Social media is now a fact in politics: but can it predict the results of the next Australian election? (BUSINESS SPECTATOR)


And in other news…


JAPAN: Anyone for caviar? Japan’s falling population forces entrepreneurs to be really inventive about education… (JAPAN TIMES)


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