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DSC_6310Around the World has been travelling the globe in search of e-learning stories for several months now. This week it’s a bit different: the world has come to us! More than 90 different countries are represented at ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN  and here are some of the things they have taught us. Read on for some of the stories that have been showcased at ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN  snapshots of the e-learning scene in today’s changing world…




UGANDA: The falling cost of fibre-optic cables offers a fascinating insight into technological progress in the host country of eLearning Africa 2014 (LINK)


EU: MOOC hype is a fact in the e-learning sector  but astonishingly, one third of Europe’s 4,000 universities have never even heard of them! It’s part of a digital divide across the EU that the European Commission is anxious to address, launching several projects to do so (LINK)


WORLD: why shouldn’t corporate e-learning appeal to a wider audience? asks Christian Kuhna of Adidas. Why shouldn’t companies’ internal online courses become MOOCs? (LINK)


UAE: where are the largest user bases for YouTube located? On the Arabian peninsula. No wonder flipped learning is manifesting itself there in such innovative forms (LINK)


AUSTRALIA: it’s difficult setting up an online university  and government regulation can get in the way. Many countries have a cap on maximum student enrolments that rules out the creation of massive online courses. The removal of this cap in Australia led to the creation of Swinburne Online, a successful Public-Private Partnership (LINK)




and in other news…


SAUDI ARABIA: it is a much-repeated misconception that Eskimos have rather a lot of words for snow. Saudi Arabia, however, genuinely does have over 300 types of dates, each with their own texture and flavour: and 150 of those types are represented at OEB’s exhibition!


GERMANY: Today is St Nicholas’ day, when Germans everywhere eat chocolate out of shoes and dress up as 4th-century bishops. A special greeting to all children, coopers, sailors, fishermen, merchants, broadcasters, the falsely accused, repentant thieves, pharmacists, archers and pawnbrokers at OEB: St Nicholas is your patron saint!

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