Attack of the cyborg cockroaches, and other stories

Cockroach_headWhile technology-supported learning is a worldwide movement, it takes on a dazzling variety of different forms everywhere it is practised, from the hi-tech parks of Singapore to the dank gap behind the fridge in an Australian home. Read on for stories about e-health, e-inclusion, e-learning and – e-eeeek!




WORLD: providing accessible education and other services to the disabled – is this the key to climate change resilience? (GUARDIAN)


SINGAPORE: a trial white spaces project in one of the city-state’s parks, intended to provide city-wide wi-fi without recourse to cluttered wireless networks, is already blooming (BBC)


UK: researchers have launched an ambitious project to open up the human genome online (SCIENCE)


THAILAND could be a major player in South-East Asia – but not without better internet provision (THE NATION)


LIBYA/USA: the countries‘ two governments are set to launch a joint higher education task-force (UNVERSITY WORLD NEWS)


and in other news…


AUSTRALIA: a science kit that allows children to implant electrodes into a cockroach, and then control it with a smartphone, is making animal rights activists‘ skin crawl (SYDNEY MORNING HERALD)

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