BRICS and mortarboards

This week in Around the World, the innovation that could bring computing within reach of the world’s poorest, and the innovator setting out to prove the case for online learning in Nigeria. News of an infrastru... Read More

Out of Kontakt

This week, a mixed bag from Around the World: human rights find support in Indonesia, and millions of Indians benefit from online news; but in Russia, it appears that state control is affecting social media freedom, while in Kenya, infrastructure development m... Read More

From hackerspace to outer space

The Web turned 25 yesterday, and its inventor, Tim Berners-Lee, took the opportunity to call for a bill of online rights to defend users against surveillance. Meanwhile as Iran considers scaling down its censor... Read More

Sexual E-L’ing (and other stories)

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The cutting-edge chopping-board, and other stories

a steak dinner (medium rare) c.2095(the white stripe in the middle is Bearnaise sauce) ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN is less than a week away! And, as usual from Around the World, here are six items to whet your appetite for the main event: a mixture of exciting dev... Read More

The Around the World Hallowe’en special

from a 1931 exhibition at Berlin's Arbeiterschütz-Museum, teaching about correct body posture in daily life Ghost schools, zombie universities, skeletons and evil spirits: it’s all here this week in an extr... Read More