India’s financial five-year-olds, and other stories

Bild 183-1988-0218-013Last week, Around the World promised you the very last article you’d ever have to read on MOOCs. Well… we lied – see below for the whole story, along with e-health news from West Africa, e-government developments in Saudi Arabia and other stories in global e-learning, fresh from ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN.


PAKISTAN: telecentres are to be rolled out across rural areas: an ambitious project from the country’s dynamic minister for IT and Telecom, Anusha Rehman (THE NEWS)


AUSTRALIA: now this is getting ridiculous. Apparently students don’t want MOOCs: they want HARVARDs (BUSINESS SPECTATOR)


NIGERIA: the new Osun state education policy, reported on here last week, has been attracting considerable controversy (GUARDIAN NIGERIA)


SAUDI ARABIA/S. KOREA: Seoul is one of the world’s most wired up capitals. Now officials are exporting South Korea’s e-government system to the Middle East (GLOBAL POST)


GHANA: health can take a huge leap forward in West Africa – but only if paper is eliminated (HUMANIPO)


and in other news…


INDIA: once, the only time a schoolchild would have to balance any sort of book was when he/she had been put in the naughty corner. But now, e-learning has extended personal finance classes even to the under-tens (TIMES OF INDIA)

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