OEB 2023: Learning Industry Takes Center Stage in the Global Sustainability Agenda

In a world driven by the quest for a sustainable future, the learning industry’s role in this paradigm shift has grown ever more significant. OEB 2023, slated to take place in Berlin from November 22 to 24, will step into the spotlight as a hub of intellectual discourse, offering a diverse array of presentations, dynamic panel discussions, and stimulating debates—all revolving around the pivotal theme of sustainability.

The conference’s tracks will encompass:

Environmental Sustainability Through Learning Design

Presentation Panel – Friday, Nov 24 at 14:30

A trio of distinguished speakers will lead this enlightening panel, equipping participants with design thinking skills tailored for sustainability. They will delve into the intricate art of developing a sustainable design framework for a micro-credential program, focusing on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Furthermore, they will unveil a pioneering green learning agenda designed to address the pressing issue of climate change through education.


Gilly Salmon, CEO, Education Alchemists
John Scahill, Lecturer, Atlantic Technological University
Eman Swelam, Pesticide’s Chemist and Toxicologist, Professor, Cairo University

The Vital Role of the Learning Industry in Addressing the Climate and Biodiversity Emergency

Spotlight Stage – Thursday, Nov 23 at 15:00

Under the guidance of Erica Neve from The Eden Project, the conference will navigate through the immense potential and critical blind spots within the learning industry’s response to the climate and biodiversity crisis. This session will unravel ongoing initiatives, explore the transformation needed, and provide insights into how the industry can spearhead the green transition.

Erica Neve states, “We have an opportunity, as an industry, to positively impact the climate and biodiversity emergency. Our business is helping people understand. To date, there has been no standard green curriculum in any of our compulsory education systems designed to help us make the green transition. This is the opportunity for the learning industry. Through transformative changes in education and training, we can enable learners, whoever they are, to develop green confidence and competence, because they know why and they have hope for our future.”

Learning Goes Green: Investing in the Skills We Need for a Sustainable Future

Panel Discussion – Friday, Nov 24 at 12:00

Helen Gironi, the Director of Ventures at Ufi VocTech Trust, will lead a comprehensive exploration of the evolving landscape of sustainable education. This panel discussion will venture deep into the heart of the matter, dissecting the concept of “green skills” and their profound role in shaping a sustainable tomorrow. The session will unravel the intricate relationship between education costs, accessibility, and the intersection of vocational training with meaningful employment.


Nick Kind, Managing Director, Tyton Partners
Rebecca Garrod-Waters, Chief Executive, Ufi VocTech Trust
Paul von Hinueber, Investment Manager, Redstone

As the world grapples with the urgency of climate change and biodiversity loss, OEB 2023 emerges as a dynamic platform where the learning industry takes its stand at the forefront of global sustainability efforts.

The full OEB 2023 Conference Agenda is online along with OEB 2023 Conference Ticket purchases and more information about the exhibition of new products and solutions, which runs alongside the conference.

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