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Next stop, the past

Image: Video still from method article video in the journal Frontiers in Psychology This week in Around the World, ‘time travel’ is enabling people to rethink bad life choices; India on track to meet knowle... Read More
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Enter the dome of science

This week in Around the World, spherical technology surrounds Russian students with knowledge; six-year-old Brits are more tech-savvy than adults and Indian teacher breaks truancy record.     To find... Read More
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Robot revenge: Aussies beat Germany in Brazil

This week in Around the World, farmers in Senegal fight theft with mobile technology, the Swiss remain the big cheese in innovation and Australia thrashes Germany in robot football finals in Brazil.     To find out more, read on...   ... Read More
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Well colour me 3D

In this week’s Around the World, an inspiring tech-first to come out of Cape Town, expect more nerds strutting the streets of London; meanwhile, in Japan, you’re more likely to be faced with creepy robot newsre... Read More

Tech scores with robots in Brazil

This week in Around the World, it’s cheap chips for India’s mobile market as Mozilla prepare to launch a $25 smartphone. The tech game-changers hit Brazil, with drone spies and exoskeletons defending the World Cup. Pressure mounts Down Under for computer codin... Read More

BRICS and mortarboards

This week in Around the World, the innovation that could bring computing within reach of the world’s poorest, and the innovator setting out to prove the case for online learning in Nigeria. News of an infrastru... Read More

Out of Kontakt

This week, a mixed bag from Around the World: human rights find support in Indonesia, and millions of Indians benefit from online news; but in Russia, it appears that state control is affecting social media freedom, while in Kenya, infrastructure development m... Read More


Male chauvinism and pigs this week, with news of a deep-set bias in how Wikipedia is created and a game helping to reduce the health risks associated with swine (it's not Backgammon). Meanwhile, the US Gove... Read More

Mine of mismanaged information

The mine housing some of the United States Office of Personnel Management There’s a bit of a sci-fi feel to Around the World this week. Automatic barmen and party-bots have both made the cut – as has the su... Read More


Africa tops the bill in this edition of Around the World – take a look at the top tech entrepreneurs on the Continent, and the highly innovative school that has made waves on the international design scene. Plus: how Turks are getting round the Twitter ban, te... Read More

Antisocial networking

As MOOCs move into their second phase, the knives are coming out: questions have been raised about their effectiveness, their openness – and now, about ownership and copyright. News has also come in this week a... Read More

From hackerspace to outer space

The Web turned 25 yesterday, and its inventor, Tim Berners-Lee, took the opportunity to call for a bill of online rights to defend users against surveillance. Meanwhile as Iran considers scaling down its censor... Read More

Congo Robocop

This week in Around the World, discover the small-scale tech innovation projects that could have a huge impact on the world of tomorrow, from Congolese robotics to Estonian startups. Meanwhile, Swiss languages get a technological boost, and the Dutch start thi... Read More

Give me a drone where the buffalo roam…

Stories from Ukraine have sobered the widespread adulation previously given by gushing journalists to social and communicative media since the revolutions in the Arab world. We previously reported on the text m... Read More