A MidSummit Night’s Dream

The mid-Atlantic venue of OEB MidSummit and the convergence of new eruptions in learning are perfectly captured in the unique Icelandic setting. Located midway between Europe and America, Reykjavik is the perfe... Read More

University in transition

There is a sense of the university as an idyll: cut off from the world, unchanging. In today’s rapidly evolving world, though, nothing could be further from the truth. Universities – and the people who run them... Read More

New ideas driving the global edtech boom

By the OEB News Team   Innovative start-ups, technological advancements and the demand for additional skills continue to fuel the growth of the global edtech industry. According to a whitepaper by Ambient Insight, investments in learning and technol... Read More

Independent market news and analysis

By Bob Little   With the online learning technologies developing faster than ever before and being influenced by technologies that are newcomers to the sector, it’s no wonder that those in this secto... Read More