Learning Theory & Generative AI: Live Podcast Recording Featuring Donald Clark & John Helmer

The Great Minds on Learning podcast returns to OEB for a second year, with a live recording of the ultimate episode of Season 5. The podcast has been widely acclaimed for its engaging approach in explaining 2,500 years of learning theory. In each episode Donald Clark, described by one listener as ‘a proper expert, fountain of knowledge, and excellent communicator on all things learning’, joins John Helmer to discuss a group of ‘great minds’. 

Participants will engage with leading educational theorists, deepening their grasp of the historical and contextual underpinnings of learning theory. They’ll also explore contributions from related fields of study. They will gain insights and practical advice from learning’s top theorists and not only enhance their theoretical knowledge but also acquire actionable insights to elevate their daily practices.“Live Podcast Recording: Great Minds on Learning Podcast, featuring Donald Clark and John Helmer” will take place on Thursday, Nov 23 at 16:00. 

The full OEB 2023 Conference Agenda is online along with OEB 2023 Conference Ticket purchases and more information about the exhibition of new products and solutions, which runs alongside the conference.

John Helmer
Showrunner & Host, The Learning Hack podcast

John Helmer is a writer, podcaster and communications strategy expert specialising in the fields of learning, training and education, with a particular focus on digital technology innovation. He runs two highly successful podcasts, The Learning Hack and Great Minds on Learning. He has led many programmes bringing together thought leaders and practitioners for knowledge sharing and debate, and writes for and edits numerous blogs, as well as producing many white papers and research reports (including articles for peer-reviewed journals).

Donald Clark
eLearning Expert and Strategist, Plan B Learning

Donald Clark is a Learning Tech Entrepreneur, CEO, Investor, Author, Podcaster, Blogger and Speaker. He was CEO and one of the original founders of Epic Group plc, which established itself as the leading company in the UK online learning market, floated on the Stock Market in 1996 and sold in 2005. He has been involved at all levels of investment – angel, VC, growth, PE and IPO. As well as being the CEO of Wildfire, an AI learning company, he also invests in, and advises, EdTech companies.

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