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OEB speaker John Helmer

John Helmer

Showrunner & Host, The Learning Hack podcast, United Kingdom

John Helmer is a writer, podcaster and communications strategy expert specialising in the fields of learning, training and education, with a particular focus on digital technology innovation. He runs two highly successful podcasts, The Learning Hack and Great Minds on Learning. He has led many programmes bringing together thought leaders and practitioners for knowledge sharing and debate, and writes for and edits numerous blogs, as well as producing many white papers and research reports (including articles for peer-reviewed journals).

His career in strategic communications consultancy includes many years working with and for organisations including Learning Pool, Go1, Ocean Technologies Group, Lumesse, Saba, Powtoon, Epic, LINE, Semantico, Towards Maturity, Ufi/learndirect, Kineo, Willow DNA, Learning Light and Capita Learning Solutions. Sector experience spans corporates, start-ups, scale-ups, not-for-profits and public bodies.

A pioneer in digital marketing, he co-created and promoted more than thirty training courses on using the internet for marketing and business. He is also a published novelist, lyricist for the group Marillion, has been on Top of Pops, and won a Perrier Award.