The smart schools of 2014, and other stories

Around the World is off on its winter holidays next week: so this week we’re looking forward to 2014, with a selection of stories about the technologies, innovators and trends that will affect people’s lives in the new year. How will computing change to support learning? Who are the rising stars of Mexico’s tech scene? What affect will this year’s Christmas presents have on e-learning? It’s all here, plus stories from Russia, Germany and the far-flung Falklands. Read on…


WORLD: IBM has revealed its list of 5 innovations that will change our lives in 2014. This year, it’s all about learning (CNN)


MEXICO has its problems: corruption, the ongoing war between and against the cartels, and an education system in need of reform. But it also has a thriving tech scene – where the latest e-learning innovations could well be born (DAILY FINANCE)


RUSSIA: Moscow is often considered at the forefront of digital change in the country: but remote learning programmes can prove to be just as innovative (VOICE OF RUSSIA)


GERMANY: with one of the lowest birth rates in the industrialised world, and ongoing emigration from the states of the former GDR, small German communities especially in Brandenburg are facing a schooling crisis (EXPATICA)


FALKLANDS: a veteran of the Falklands war is returning to the archipelago to kit out the schools in the remote region with much-needed IT equipment (CRN)




and in Christmas news…


UK: Christmas approaches, and tablets are expected to be one of the hottest gifts this year. Will this make BYOD a reality in schools for 2014? (VIRTUAL COLLEGE)

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