Into the wide blue Curaçao… and other stories

There’s been some sky-high thinking in the Caribbean this week – in stark contrast to what’s happening in decidedly more down-to-earth Detroit. Meanwhile, more exciting initiatives came to the fore in Malaysia and Vietnam, proof that south-east Asia’s EdTech industries are truly burgeoning. All this, plus news from the UK, Russia and the EU, in Around the World, ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN’s weekly news digest – just read on…




MALAYSIA: a virtual learning network is to be extended to the country’s 10,000 primary and secondary schools (FUTUREGOV) while in Puchong, a learning container is providing residents access to quality English teaching (THE STAR)


EU: 63% of Europe’s nine-year-olds in schools lack vital digital equipment – with Croatia and Greece lagging behind in terms of internet access (FRANCE24)


VIETNAM: a research chemist has just launched the country’s first ever MOOC platform (UNIVERSITY WORLD NEWS)


RUSSIA: e-learning is gradually making its mark on a country which does not often feature in Around the World. According to trade publications, $10m was invested in Russian EdTech companies this year (RUSSIA BEYOND THE HEADLINES)


UK: “in ten years’ time, all exams will be taken online” (GUARDIAN)



and in other news…


DETROIT: Ohio-based Urban Shepherds have found that sheep and goats are a great, economical way to keep verges and vacant lots clear – providing a great source of education for children and locals. Now, one Detroit city councillor wants to introduce them to the bankrupt city (THE WINDSOR STAR)


CURAÇAO: surprise at the Caribbean ICT roadshow: the managing director of Curaçao airport announces that the island could be sending people into space – as soon as 2014 (TRINIDAD & TOBAGO GUARDIAN)

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