Edtech tool of the month: Talkwall

Not just your average visualisation tool, Talkwall, a service which allows for innovative teacher-student engagement in classrooms, is based on new research that explores designs for involving students in rich,... Read More

Flipped classroom: three tips for turning teaching around

If you’re looking for flipped learning methods to help engage students both in and out of the classroom, and free up time to make lessons more practical and collaborative, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered practical advice from educators who ... Read More
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Well colour me 3D

In this week’s Around the World, an inspiring tech-first to come out of Cape Town, expect more nerds strutting the streets of London; meanwhile, in Japan, you’re more likely to be faced with creepy robot newsre... Read More

Tech scores with robots in Brazil

This week in Around the World, it’s cheap chips for India’s mobile market as Mozilla prepare to launch a $25 smartphone. The tech game-changers hit Brazil, with drone spies and exoskeletons defending the World ... Read More

Flipping the classroom in Abu Dhabi

YouTube uploaders - who have an average age of 24 - have increased their activity by 200% in the last year. Anjli Narwani of the Masdar Institute, UAE, sought to benefit from this rapid growth among a young population - and on the fact that Saudi Arabia has th... Read More

Flipping the classroom

Knowing that the learners of the 21st century are wired 24/7, teachers are increasingly directing students’ natural online proclivity towards school and academic work. It’s referred to as a myriad of interestin... Read More

Video: the new language of learning

ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN 2012 sees the launch of VIDEO EDUCA, a brand new series of sessions dedicated to making video work for learning. One of the most powerful forms of communication in use today, video is rapidl... Read More