Contact North | Contact Nord to Launch Two New AI-Powered Tools at OEB Berlin

As a member of the Contact North I Contact Nord technology development team, I’m eager to share the progress we are making in developing two unique AI tools that will be launched at OEB Berlin: AI Tutor Pro and AI Teaching Assistant Pro. These tools are nearing completion, with field testing and refinement underway. In this article, I will outline some of the key features of these new tools.

AI Tutor Pro: A Personalized Learning Companion

  1. Personalized Learning Experience: AI Tutor Pro is the result of considerable research and development aimed at providing students with a highly personalized learning experience. Our team understands that every student has unique needs and learning styles. Through dynamic and interactive conversations, AI Tutor Pro adapts its approach to meet those needs. The tool poses thought-provoking questions to spark students’ curiosity and engagement, encouraging active learning and critical thinking.

  2. Adaptability and Customization: AI Tutor Pro offers a high degree of adaptability and customization. It allows students to choose their preferred level of tutoring, whether introductory, intermediate, or advanced. By tailoring the instruction to the student’s proficiency level, AI Tutor Pro ensures that they receive guidance and support that aligns with their individual needs. This personalized approach facilitates the mastery of complex concepts at a pace that suits each student.

  3. Interactive Dialogue and Engagement: Engagement and interaction are key to the learning process. With AI Tutor Pro, students are not limited to simple question-and-answer interactions. The tool engages them in dynamic and open-ended conversations, fostering interactive dialogue. Students can actively participate, articulate their thoughts, and explore complex ideas. This interactive approach promotes critical thinking, effective communication, and a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

  4. Insight Retention and Review: AI Tutor Pro incorporates features that enable students to retain and review important insights and concepts. Students can save a summary of their conversations with the tool, allowing them to revisit key points and reinforce their understanding over time. This functionality facilitates knowledge retention and provides a valuable resource for students to review and reflect on their progress. By having access to a record of their interactions, students can consolidate their learning and apply it in future contexts.

  5. Flexibility and Accessibility: AI Tutor Pro is designed to provide students with the freedom to learn anytime and anywhere. The tool is accessible on various devices, including smartphones and laptops, enabling students to engage in learning conversations at their convenience. This flexibility breaks down the barriers of time and location, empowering students to make the most of their learning opportunities.

AI Teaching Assistant Pro: Empowering Educators

  1. Time Efficiency and Task Automation: AI Teaching Assistant Pro is our response to the needs of educators who face numerous administrative tasks and time pressures. By automating routine teaching tasks, such as generating quizzes and creating course materials, our tool saves valuable time for instructors. This time-saving feature allows educators to allocate more of their energy to impactful teaching practices, such as facilitating discussions, providing personalized feedback, and fostering student engagement.

  2. Enhanced Assessment Creation: Our team recognizes the importance of effective assessment practices in gauging student understanding. AI Teaching Assistant Pro simplifies the assessment creation process by effortlessly generating a variety of assessment formats. Instructors can create multiple-choice quizzes and essay questions complete with scoring rubrics on any topic, ensuring diverse and comprehensive assessments. This streamlined approach not only saves time but also enhances the quality of assessments, enabling instructors to provide meaningful feedback and identify areas for further attention.

  3. Content Creation Support: Creating visually appealing and informative presentation materials can be a time-consuming task for educators. AI Teaching Assistant Pro provides valuable support in this area, offering content and design suggestions for presentation slides. Instructors can leverage these features to create engaging and effective presentation slides that capture students’ attention and facilitate their understanding of complex concepts.

  4. Increased Productivity and Focus on Impactful Teaching: By automating routine tasks and providing content creation support, AI Teaching Assistant Pro enhances the productivity of educators. The tool allows instructors to streamline their workflow, freeing up valuable time to focus on activities that require their expertise. With more time at their disposal, educators can engage in impactful teaching practices, such as facilitating discussions, promoting critical thinking, and fostering interactive learning experiences. This increased focus on impactful teaching ultimately enhances the overall quality of education.

I look forward to launching these two new and unique tools at OEB Global 2023. Not only will you have an opportunity to learn more about their design and development, but you’ll be able to participate in a hands-on session with me to try them out.

As Ontario’s Online Learning & Training Access Network, Contact North I Contact Nord supports innovation in education and learning through testing and applied research of new modes of “delivery” using technology and to share information in Ontario, nationally, and internationally. Dr. Owston may be contacted at

Written for OEB Global 2023 by Ron Owston

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