Artificial Intelligence and the Learning Revolution

The rise of the robots has been portrayed as exciting and even terrifying in all forms of media. The concept of terminating soldiers from the future isn’t reality, we now know that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here to help. There have been worldwide de... Read More

The Metaverse in Education

When we talk about the Metaverse, images of VR headsets generating vibrant avatars often come to mind. It’s a world that uses augmented reality solutions and decentralised technology to drive connection an... Read More

How technology can actually change education

By Roger Schank   You can’t read something about education these days without reading about how technology will change everything.   Sorry to be a downer, but technology will change nothing if what is meant by technology is that we have n... Read More

OEB 2015 Friday Plenaries

The Friday plenaries brought together expert speakers from around the world to share their perspectives on a pertinent issue facing technology supported learning and training, through insightful keynote speeche... Read More