OEB Global 2022: A Wrap-Up

Two weeks ago saw the return of the global conference and exhibition for digital learning and training addressing all sectors. The InterContinental Hotel Berlin welcomed over 2,000 people from more than 70... Read More

The Metaverse in Education

When we talk about the Metaverse, images of VR headsets generating vibrant avatars often come to mind. It’s a world that uses augmented reality solutions and decentralised technology to drive connection an... Read More

Should we really fear artificial intelligence?

"Is a machine going to take my job?" This question is becoming an unsettling reality for many. Over the next twenty years or so, it is expected that machines will make greater inroads into the work currently carried out by humans. According to a 2013 Oxford ... Read More
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Are we all ‘natural born cyborgs’?

Singularity, a term described by the famous author, inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil as "a future period during which the pace of technological change will be so rapid, its impact so deep, that human life wil... Read More