Using Data and Analytics in Learning

At OEB 2019 we will debate using data and analytics in education and workplace learning. A series of expert panels with practitioners and edtech leaders aims to provide practical insights for improving learning and debate controversial views on the use of data.

OEB has assembled a series of expert panel sessions and presentations for edtech professionals all about using data and analytics.

Blockchain for Education – Research, Products, and Skepsis

OEB has led the debate on controversial topics in education and workplace learning for twenty five years. Today, one of those topics is blockchain, so OEB 2019 will explore blockchain and its use in education: is blockchain technology actually useful as a means to keep track of personalised learning.

Delegates will gain a deeper understanding of the potential and pitfalls of blockchain in education and hear critical, ethical views on blockchain as a means to keep track of personal, formal and informal learning journeys.

How Will Emerging Technologies Influence Personalisation, Efficiency, Costs, Ethics and Trust in Online, Open and Distance Education?

Together with the International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE) OEB has assembled some of the world’s leading thinkers to help edtech professionals get to grips with using emerging technologies and has assembled a panel containing.

This panel will discuss pressing questions relevant to higher education institutions, educators, learners and ethicists alike and is recommended for those interested in big data, blockchain and AI.

Data and Analytics

As part of the series on using data in learning, on day one of the conference, a panel for workplace learning professionals will show how to use analytics and data to guide learning implementations, reduce speed to competence and increase the quality of learning.

Requirements and Impact of Adaptive Learning and Learning Analytics Strategies

On day two, a panel for higher education professionals offers an outlook on both the technical requirements of multi-modal learning analytics for creative, adaptive learning spaces, as well as insights into important strategic issues. What can, or should, we do with learning analytics?

Registration for OEB 2019 is available via the event website.

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