Loggerhead turtles – a varnishing species?

War and peace this week in Around the World. The battle-lines are being drawn online, both in Europe’s new flashpoint, Crimea, and on the North/South Korean border. But this shouldn’t overshadow the good news: ... Read More

Give me a drone where the buffalo roam…

Stories from Ukraine have sobered the widespread adulation previously given by gushing journalists to social and communicative media since the revolutions in the Arab world. We previously reported on the text message sent to Ukrainian protestors, reading “Dear... Read More
by Mstislav Chernov

Blogging, bloating, and other stories…

It’s a series of upsides and downsides this week in Around the World, with stories of technology’s incredible ability to inspire, empower, annoy – and even oppress. In Kenya, an innovative app is providing eye ... Read More