The Big Ideas behind Microlearning

The evolution of technology made devices smaller but ideas bigger. The term ‘micro’ on its own simply suggests something exceptionally small, but when combined with ‘learning’, it’s got a whole new meaning. Microlearning is the bite-sized sister to typica... Read More

New ideas driving the global edtech boom

By the OEB News Team   Innovative start-ups, technological advancements and the demand for additional skills continue to fuel the growth of the global edtech industry. According to a whitepaper by Am... Read More

Independent market news and analysis

By Bob Little   With the online learning technologies developing faster than ever before and being influenced by technologies that are newcomers to the sector, it’s no wonder that those in this sector want access to independent, top level analysis a... Read More

Edtech tool of the month: SmileUrbo

SmileUrbo is an award-winning, interactive role-playing game with a difference.  Imagine this scenario in your town: unemployment is rising, young people are leaving, and infant mortality is increasing. The ... Read More

Edtech tool of the month: ToonSpaghetti

We last heard from startup TechSpaghetti when they pitched their creative education approach to the OEB 2014 audience. We’ve caught up with the teacher and entrepreneur duo to hear about the successful launch o... Read More
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Think you know the e-learning tools of the trade?

Are smartphones the future of e-learning? Do MOOCs live up their promise?  Should teachers upload YouTube videos longer than six minutes? If you answered ‘no’ to all of these questions, perhaps you're already acquainted with the writing of e-learning industry ... Read More