India’s tech sector is (literally) ballooning – and other stories

As technology-supported learning becomes ever more international, it’s important to stay on top of what’s happening in education worldwide. ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN, the sector’s largest global conference, presents Around the World: a weekly round-up of the biggest and boldest education stories to have emerged in the last week.




NIGERIA: the American University of Nigeria is preparing to unveil a new smart library (NEWS DIARY)


INDIA: Are weather balloons the answer for rural connectivity problems? (MANORAMA ONLINE)


ECUADOR: the economic meltdown has driven Spanish teachers to look for work in Latin America (EMIGRATE)


SOUTH AFRICA: a R396.2m project is to provide tablets and uncapped Wi-Fi to Gauteng province’s 2,200 schools (SOUTHAFRICA.INFO)


SCOTLAND: Residents in the remote Shetland Isles are taking it upon themselves to improve their community’s broadband connection (THE SHETLAND TIMES)


And in other news…


THAILAND: a high-school TV show’s portrayal of teen issues shocks conservative society (THE GUARDIAN)


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