How Proctorio overcomes the challenges of distance learning

In the course of the educational landscape, innovative technologies that improve learning are of great importance. In 2022, education coincides with the development of technology, making online proctoring one of the most essential tools in the distance learning environment. When referring to educational technology, all processes must be in sync and overcome many obstacles. When implementing online courses and distance learning, the institutions should choose a third party they can trust.

Online classes are increasingly becoming a new normal and can offer students worldwide access to education. The number of European Union citizens and residents attending online courses in 2021 has increased by four percent compared to previous years. As a result, the need for distance learning is growing every year. Institutions offering these courses have to provide an education that ensures academic integrity and protects the test-takers’ privacy at the same time. When choosing a proctoring provider, institutions should address all the challenges that might occur for students when taking online assessments and teachers when assigning them.

The mission for accessible learning

One of the biggest challenges posed by remote learning is keeping students connected when taking an online exam. Unfortunately, many students don’t have access to computers that can facilitate these connections and, as a result, experience internet connection issues. Recognizing this challenge, Proctorio has worked on its remote proctoring solution, overcoming the low bandwidth obstacle.

Minimum bandwidth connection requirements are known to be very high within the EdTech industry. To take an online exam with Proctorio, students need an internet connection that supports the following requirements: Minimum Download Speed of 0.768 Mbps, although recommended is 1.5 Mbps; Minimum Upload Speed of 0.384 Mbps, although recommended is 1 Mbps. Test-takers who use Proctorio during their online assessments can take their exams without worrying about a bad connection. With Proctorio’s solution, institutions can focus more on the quality of education and planning courses.

Proctorio’s mission is to make education accessible to everyone globally, ensuring that academic integrity and privacy are protected. Working on improving its solutions daily, Proctorio confirms that all parts of the process are in sync, GDPR-compliant, and not collecting personal data at any time. Additionally, our support team is available 24/7 for test-takers to help them overcome any obstacles and ensure they have the best experience when taking online exams. As a result, institutions can see the benefits that can be provided by online proctoring to test-takers located in regions that regularly experience internet connection issues.

Written for OEB Global 2022 by the Proctorio team.

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