Tweets of the week Monday, September 10th – Friday, September 14th 2012

If you’re looking for educational games you can use for tots, teens and the in-betweens, this collection of “Forty Sites for Educational Games” will surely keep you entertained  However, if you find the list overwhelming and would prefer to use tried and tested methods, you might prefer to follow the practical tips offered by the teachers interviewed for this Guardian article  Whether giving lessons in  geography, economics, computer science or other subjects, teachers are finding novel ways to make learning fun using mobile technology. However, fun isn’t the preserve of primary and secondary school pupils alone.  As it turns out, “Serious games could be integrated into surgical training” if this Dutch study is anything to go by:


Amidst the fun and games, we took time to retweet an eLearning Africa News Portal exclusive interview with Dr Auma Obama, a philanthropist and also the elder half-sister of US President Barack Obama, in which she said that training the youth is “the backbone of society.” Read all about it here:


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