Tweets of the week Monday, August 27th – Friday, August 31st 2012

Do you have some sound ideas on how educators and students alike might harness the power of mobile learning?  UNESCO is inviting public input on its Policy Guidelines on Mobile Learning. Have your say:  And for all those who like to be at the centre of the action, there’s a chance to show your e-learning mettle at OEB12. Submit a short audition video in which you identify the theme that best reflects your interests, and let us know why you would make a decent chairperson!


On Wednesday, we were excited to pass on the news of musician’s first: having his song “Reach for the stars” beamed from Mars by the Curiosity Rover.  It’s an unfortunate song title, considering the fact that the stars (excluding our own sun) are all light years away from the red planet!  Nevertheless, the news of this musical coup made for an uplifting message.  Read about the song and’s outreach work with students here


Back to earth, we tweeted a Scientific American article on why being a digital native isn’t enough  The writers argue, “Just because a child jumps at the opportunity to programme a TV to record his or her favourite shows does not mean that he or she will approach a classroom learning tool with the same zeal.”  And whilst students (be they digital natives or not) may have much work to do in order to maximise the benefits they derive from using technology, the educators too have their own ongoing lessons to learn.  “Learning and building relationships at a science teachers tweet-up”, a story on The Guardian’s education pages, sees Ian Horsewell describe what happened when thirty-odd science teachers who’d been in touch in the twittersphere met in person recently.  Read all about it here:

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