The Learning Uncertainty Imperative

Change is coming at us with the greatest velocity in human history.   In the single second it took you to read the previous sentence, an algorithm executed 1,000 stock trades. Computers in Visa’s cre... Read More

OEB 2015 Friday Plenaries

The Friday plenaries brought together expert speakers from around the world to share their perspectives on a pertinent issue facing technology supported learning and training, through insightful keynote speeche... Read More

The OEB 2015 Debate: “the forgotten basics”

Under the chairmanship of Dr Harold Elletson, the motion posed in this year’s plenary debate was 'This House believes 21st Century skills aren’t being taught - and they should be’. The future of education and technology was, of course, at the forefront of the ... Read More

Infographic: Breaking down the badge buzz

The growing Open Badge ecosystem continues to dominate discussion in the world of e-learning. Are Open Badges being widely recognised? Is the current system sustainable? What new tools and approaches will allow... Read More