Interview with Nelly Ben Hayoun

Dr. Nelly Ben Hayoun Speaking at NASA Ames research center This year's OEB is all about the skills people need to survive and prosper in a new age of uncertainty. Conference participants will be asked to co... Read More

Using data to promote student success

Advertorial by OEB Silver Sponsor DXTERA INSTITUTESM   The DXtera Institute is a non-profit organisation that uses student data to promote student success rates in colleges and universities. The ... Read More

The OEB 2015 Debate: “the forgotten basics”

Under the chairmanship of Dr Harold Elletson, the motion posed in this year’s plenary debate was 'This House believes 21st Century skills aren’t being taught - and they should be’. The future of education and technology was, of course, at the forefront of the ... Read More

David Price Twitter chat highlights

OEB 2015 keynote speaker David Price, a learning futurist and best-selling author, hosted a Twitter chat around the theme: How will we work, live and learn in the future?   Co-founder of the culture ... Read More
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What do we want? Web literacy, now!

Mozilla's Open Badges Is the web of the future a weird and wild place, chaotic and slightly frightening; or is it a happier place where strangers collaborate to teach and learn from one another? A bit of both, says the Mozilla Foundation’s Mark Surman, whe... Read More
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What’s the media got to do with education?

When I decided to register for the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum 2014, I did so with slight apprehension. The theme, “From Information to Participation: Challenges for the Media”, sounded interesting – espe... Read More
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Student tip: E-learning Tool of the Month

This month we introduce you to the first edition of the OEB News Portal Tool of the Month – each month we will highlight an e-learning tool worthy of attention. What better way to kick things off than to hear f... Read More
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Searching for the next forward-thinkers

In the spirit of sharing views and ideas we ask you to ponder the question: Are we lost in a digital wonderland? If this conjures up ideas of ways to wade through the global knowledge society then this year’s Global Peter Drucker Challenge is a good place to v... Read More