Join the Learning Design Revolution at OEB: enABLing Team-Based Approaches to Learning Design Workshop

Get ready to ignite your passion for education and embrace the future of learning design at OEB 2023.  Return from Berlin – fully enabled to support innovation approaches in learning design.

Why should you attend?

In a rapidly evolving educational landscape, keeping pace with developments in effective learning design has become essential.  This workshop provides participants to engage with the enABLe initiative; an innovative team-based approach to learning design in Higher Education, developed by the University of Portsmouth.  The enABLe framework aligns with the principles of Active Blended Learning (ABL) and offers a collaborative and structured environment for teams to articulate shared values, create learning activities, and design courses and modules. During the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to explore with the enABLe toolkit and participate in a series of hands-on activities to gain experience in collaborative learning design.  The highly interactive workshop aims to foster your understanding of active blended learning principles and equip you with the skills to foster a team-based approach in learning design.

The enABLe workshop promises to not only keep you up to date but also give you the tools to excel in higher education. Here’s why you should be part of this learning journey:

1.    Gain insight into the enABLe initiative and its application in team-based learning design

2.    Understand the principles and benefits of active blended learning in Higher Education

3.    Participate in a hands-on workshop experience in using the enABLe toolkit to facilitate effective learning design

4.    Collaborate with peers and gain practical skills in developing effective tasks to facilitate student engagement through detailed storyboarding

5.    Enhance your knowledge of how team-based approaches can enhance institutional capability in learning designLE

What are colleagues saying about enABLE?

  • enABLe is having a discernible impact on practice, as evidenced in feedback from enABLE participants:
  • ‘EnABLe has prompted valuable discussion across the whole team – has ensured we are all on the same page in terms of what we are looking to deliver. Has helped us to question the current structure of our teaching in a way that brought together the views of established team members and new team members’
  • ‘The enABLe initiative provides a long overdue platform for discussing the reworking of our courses and the development of macro and micro level strategies. The workshop mirrored this in terms of ‘drilling down’ into course identities and delineation strategies’

  • ‘The enABLe project is a great development. I believe it will have a massive positive impact on our student experience. Well done to all involved in this tremendous initiative’

enABLe is a recognised learning design framework in the UK and has recently featured as an example of effective practice in the JISC Beyond Blended Report.  A detailed overview of enABLe can be accessed via this Padlet and also in the Apri 2023 edition of the Association of Learning Development in Higher Education’s (ALDHE) LoveLD magazine.

Join this pre-conference workshop at OEB Global 2023 on November 22 2023!

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