Robot revenge: Aussies beat Germany in Brazil

RoboCup2014This week in Around the World, farmers in Senegal fight theft with mobile technology, the Swiss remain the big cheese in innovation and Australia thrashes Germany in robot football finals in Brazil.  


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Senegal: farmers fight back from the palm of their hands, using mobile technology to protect their cattle from theft. (BBC)


Switzerland: again the Swiss are the world’s top innovators. The 2014 Global Innovation Index has ranked Switzerland number one for the fourth-straight year, followed by the UK and Sweden. Meanwhile, after ranking 13th, Germany questions how innovative the country really is. (The Local)



USA: Mark Zuckerberg himself shared the stats (on his wall, of course) – American Facebook users now spend the same amount of time on Facebook as they do on grooming or chores. (Huffington Post)


Indonesia: tech-savvy voters acted as watchdogs in the recent disputed elections, using apps and social media to ensure an honest count. (DAWN)


And in other news…


Australia: Australia thrashes Germany 5:1 in Brazil!Finally a soccer win for Australia and it only took robots to do it. Check out the Aussie robots giving it to the Germans in the RoboCup 2014 final. (ZDNet)


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