Enter the dome of science

domeThis week in Around the World, spherical technology surrounds Russian students with knowledge; six-year-old Brits are more tech-savvy than adults and Indian teacher breaks truancy record.  


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The UK: in its annual study of British consumers, communication watchdog Ofcom has revealed that six-year-olds know more about tech than adults. For parents already feeling technologically inferior to their pre-schoolers, just wait until they hit 14 and 15 and their digital understanding peaks. (The Guardian)


Kenya: a new partnership has been formed between Orange and the Global E-Schools and Communities Initiative (GESCI) to train teachers on the use of ICT in education. The initiative aims to benefit students in rural areas by integrating technology into everyday learning. (BizTech Africa)



Russia: students are set to be surrounded by knowledge in Russia where a start-up firm’s interactive educational technologies are taking off. Forget computer screens and tablets; this learning experience takes place using spherical image technology – users are immersed in a dome filled with projected 3D content. (Russia and India Report)


Jamaica: a pioneering project in Jamaica aims to encourage teenage girls to enrol in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM)subjects by teaming them up with students in the UK to work on coding challenges via social media. The project hopes to break ‘misconceptions’ before A-level subject choices are madeand increase the number of girls from disadvantaged backgrounds in STEM careers. (The Voice)


And in other news…


India: a teacher in India is said to have set the record for teacher truancy, not turning up to school for 23 years. (BBC)

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