Future Conflicts And How to Train For Them

As Wikileaks continued to release yet more confidential US Embassy cables, participants in ‘Security and Defence Learning 2010’ and a special plenary session of OEB were convinced that information and information systems will be the most important battlefields of the future.


In two sessions on ‘future conflict learning’, participants were invited by speakers including Chris Donnelly, senior research fellow of the UK Defence Academy, and Colonel Amardeep Bhardwaj of the Indian Army War College, to consider how conflict will evolve and what future training and learning requirements will be. Colonel Bhardwaj told participants that future conflicts may be less physically violent and shorter but more intense. Information and perception will both be important elements and sophisticated training for conflict in this new information age will be crucial.



New Security Foundation Chairman, Dr Harold Elletson, who chaired both sessions, said: “Our experts were convinced that information will be the key element in future conflict. Learning and training must reflect the reality of a new global information age in which education will increasingly be seen as a strategic asset.”


Further information about ‘Security and Defence Learning 2010’ will be contained in the official post-conference report, which will be published in January 2011. If you would like to receive a copy, please contact the New Security Foundation: info@newsecurityfoundation.org



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