E-Learning in pole position, and other stories

Amundsen-scott-south_pole_station_2007_edit1From east to west and north to south, Around the World is dedicated to discovering news from across the seven continents. Yes, seven continents – for this week the largest global e-learning conference brings you a story of education innovation fresh from the Antarctic ice. Read on below for the full story, plus corporate perspectives from the USA and Russia, technological innovations in Africa, and some goings-on on a driveway in Malaysia that may not be quite what they seem…




GHANA: robotics, gaming start-ups, pioneering bloggers and online TV innovators: there’s much to be celebrated in Ghana’s thriving tech scene (GUARDIAN)


ANTARCTICA: an explorer on his way to the pole is to fly drones to film his progress and compose music using an app – educational material which will find its way back to 200 schools in the UK (WIRED)


USA: Learning Management Systems (LMS’s) are generally considered something of an e-learning Dodo – an opinion that, if recent market forecasts are to be believed, may have to be revised (INSIDE HIGHER ED)


SOUTH AFRICA: more on the white spaces initiatives that are broaching a new technological frontier in Africa (REUTERS)


RUSSIA: the shrinking labour market in the world’s largest country has long been a cause for concern. Employers looking for ways to stimulate their workforce are turning to games and simulations (THE MOSCOW NEWS)


and in other news…


MALAYSIA: an educational video showing a kung-fu confrontation between a woman and bag-snatchers has fooled many in the archipelago – who because of its highly realistic staging and slick use of martial arts believed it to be genuine (NEW STRAITS TIMES)

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