Tweets of the week Monday, September 17th – Friday, September 21st 2012

The first tweetable news of the week was a report on how technology is “Speeding up work for people with disabilities” Much has been said about the value of mobile learning in the classroom setting, but learning professionals are also venturing into this area for workplace learning and development.  We learnt a lesson or two from Allison Rossett’s article “On the brink with mobile – what learning executives say” On the business of education, start-ups are putting a new spin on online teaching.  Read about Eren Bali, a tech entrepreneur whose online academy Udemy is among a growing number of education-centred tech start-ups that are giving virtual students low-cost options for online schooling. One final report worth sharing last week was an Edutopia story on “The role of video games in the English classroom”

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