Tweets of the Week 29th October – 2nd November

This week, all of our links are focused on online learning.


Firstly, a couple of links from the BBC reporting on some of the potential pitfalls of online learning, and how to deal with them:


–  US universities putting their reputations online with MOOCs


–  How do you stop online students cheating?


And now a look at the past…


–  A short infographic about the history of online education


… the present…


–  Do smartphones make smart students?


–  There’s more choice than ever for online learning!


… and the future of online learning!


–  Potential evolution of MOOCs?


Have you come across any remarkable or tweetable news about the state of ICT-enhanced education in your country or elsewhere? Share your thoughts with the OEB community on any or all of the following platforms:


  • ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN on Twitter: @OEBConference (#OEB12)
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We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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