Think You’ll Never Get Hacked? Keep Dreaming – or Join Microsoft’s Session on Cyber Security

On November 28 you will learn all about cyber security from Miriam Wiesner, Security Program Manager for Microsoft Defender ATP.

The threat of a breach is constantly evolving – and yet, IT often still relies on their “tried and true” portfolio to fight back. More time and resources are being poured into systems to keep them safe: regular updates, patches, security assessments and real-time tracking – keeping your institution safe is a constant struggle.

In the session “Think You’ll Never Get Hacked? Keep Dreaming“, you will learn all about current threats – and the intelligent security solutions to beat them – from Microsoft experts on cyber crime and protection. We will have a look at best practice examples from various schools or universities, talk about prejudices and clichés, discuss possible incidents and do a small live hack to show how easy it is to hack or be hacked. Then, we will engage with several solutions that guarantee a high level of cyber security such as Microsoft Defender ATP, Azure Sentinel and Sphere.

The best antivirus protection for Windows?

Most of us know the simple rules of how to keep Windows secure and protect our privacy: Don’t download apps from insecure sites, don’t tap questionable links, don’t open shady messages and emails, and of course don’t disclose personal information and use secure passwords.

But the first step of keeping your Windows device save is to use the best antivirus software. Recent tests have discovered: Microsoft Defender does the best job of protecting your PC.

And here are a couple of extra tricks for your cyber security: Use a password manager to keep track of login credentials, a VPN to protect your internet traffic, and an end-to-end encrypted messaging app to keep people from spying on your communications.

If you would like to learn more about Microsoft Defender and cyber security at schools and universities, make sure to attend Think You’ll Never Get Hacked? Keep Dreaming, facilitated by Miriam Wiesner at 11:45 on Thursday, Nov 28 at OEB Global 2019.

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