The Wave of the Future: Transforming New & Legacy Learning Materials with Learning Objects

Before today’s era of explosive technological advancement, textbook learning was the best option. It was portable, easily accessible, and could pack loads of information into a relatively small package. Back then, it wasn’t just the best option… it was the only option. Though books still have immense value, they are no longer the only choice. Using quality learning objects, today’s generation of learners have access to limitless educational possibilities in a more effective, user-friendly, personalized package. College students aren’t the only ones who can benefit from learning objects, either. Whether you’re a publisher, educator, student, or corporate trainer, there’s something in it for you.




For Publishers


If you’re an educational publisher and you’re not exploiting the potential of online learning, you’re missing out, big time. By using a quality authoring tool like MyEcontentFactory, you can create interactive, engaging learning material that serves the current market to the best of your abilities. Moreover, the flexibility of reusable learning objects is unmatched. RLOs enable publishers to build customizable content that can be adapted and reused with ease. Why re-invent the wheel? By reusing content, publishers can down busy work and free up hours to focus on innovation.


For Teachers and Professors


Online education isn’t a replacement for educators. On the contrary, learning objects offer teachers and professors valuable resources to incorporate into their classrooms and lessons. All good educators aim to teach their students as effectively as possible. Why just lecture when you can break up a lengthy discussion with concise, interactive, customized learning objects? By allowing students to pause note-taking to problem solve, watch a demonstration, or apply their learning, educators can boost their students’ retention, engagement, and enjoyment. Additionally, it offers teachers the opportunity to check in on individual progress to offer each student the exact learning experience they need. These benefits are not isolated to one stage of learning. Learning objects can be used to successfully teach and reinforce concepts for kindergarteners and college students alike.


For Corporate Trainers


The ultimate goal of a corporate trainer is to keep all the small elements within a company connected with a central corporate mission. In a large organization, this often proves challenging. When learning objects are brought to the table, achieving that goal gets a whole lot easier. Learning objects allow trainers to build effective training programs that can be accessed by employees anywhere, anytime. Not only can they provide mobile learning opportunities, but they also give employers a way to subtly assess their employees’ understanding of company goals, procedures, and expectations and provide further training as needed.


For Learners


Take a moment to ask yourself a few questions. How long has it been since you opened a book? If you’re like most people, too long. Now, how long has it been since you checked your phone? Few people today go an hour without accessing some type of mobile device.


The learners of 2018 are not the same as those of 1988. They are accustomed to reading picture heavy content on the internet, not long pages of fine print. Interactivity is everywhere. To appeal to these learners, education must evolve. Learning objects provide education in short bursts, no more than 10-15 minutes long. This is ideal for studying on the go, prevents burn out, and improves memory. Students can watch their own progress, improving motivation and achievement. Their education can match their abilities and provide them with the assistance or challenge they need.


The next generation of education


If publishers, teachers, professors, or corporate trainers want to appeal to today’s learners, the creation and implementation of reusable learning objects is a must. Using a high-quality authoring tool like Gutenberg Technology’s end-to-end publishing platform, MyEcontentFactory, enables users to create customizable, reusable content. It enables educators to access valuable learning tools to maximize their students’ potential. Most of all, it enables learners world-wide to grow and achieve. And when learners win, we all win.


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