David Price Twitter chat highlights

OEB 2015 keynote speaker David Price, a learning futurist and best-selling author, hosted a Twitter chat around the theme: How will we work, live and learn in the future?   Co-founder of the culture change company We Do Things Differently, and Senio... Read More

Edtech tool of the month: SmileUrbo

SmileUrbo is an award-winning, interactive role-playing game with a difference.  Imagine this scenario in your town: unemployment is rising, young people are leaving, and infant mortality is increasing. The ... Read More

Revolutionary times: In with the new school

It was 1981 and I was 11 years old. I convinced my parents to buy me my first computer: a Commodore VIC 20.  It cost $300 and I paid for half of it with my paper route earnings. It was a computer built into a k... Read More

Edtech tool of the month: ToonSpaghetti

We last heard from startup TechSpaghetti when they pitched their creative education approach to the OEB 2014 audience. We’ve caught up with the teacher and entrepreneur duo to hear about the successful launch of their first app: ToonSpaghetti. Released earlier... Read More