Survey Insights: L&D Video Content Creation in 2023 – Considerations, Priorities, and Tools

It’s no secret that video is supremely effective for organizations seeking to assure learner engagement and content retention. In fact, 3 out of 4 employees agree that they are more likely to watch a training video than look through documents or scroll through emails and web articles. And when the video is instructor-led, learners report having an even more valuable and favorable learning experience.

As such, video is taking an increasingly important role in L&D strategies and curricula. So, we set out to understand the dynamics impacting considerations and decisions for L&D video learning in 2023, by going directly to the source.

About the survey

In October 2022 we conducted a survey of a representative sample of L&D professionals who influence training and learning and development decisions at US-based organizations across multiple industries and which have over 1,000 employees.

The key takeaways

What follows are the main takeaways we gathered about the leading overall L&D priorities, the main video content needs, what’s top of mind when it comes to video content creation, and the tools that rank high for achieving relevant goals.

Leading overall L&D priorities

When asked about their priorities for the coming quarters respondents noted that the big three are – improving the quality of training content, enabling employee upskilling and reskilling, and improving internal mobility (along with employee retention).

Two additional priorities include controlling costs and keeping up with industry-related technology.

Video content needs

Video is broadly regarded as optimal for supporting the objective of improving the quality of training content and for increasing learner engagement.

Nearly 60% of respondents reported that they create such content in-house, with the remaining 40% outsourcing the work to third-party content providers.

It’s also interesting to note that L&D is not alone in the video content creation effort. Other departments in the organizations that are deeply involved with creating video training materials include compliance, operations, and marketing among others.

What’s top of mind for video creation

Costs, naturally, are first among the general L&D concerns as well as specifically for video content creation. The need is great, but budgets are often limited, coming in at an annual average of $50-100K. 

Not having enough time to create such videos is another obstacle that is often difficult to overcome. L&D professionals are very busy and look for video creation solutions that will save them time and be hassle-free.

As for increasing learner engagement, videos with instructors who are natural and authentic make a positive impact on the learner’s experience. 

Enabling tools

Tallying all this up, we can see why a broad majority of respondents agree that a video content creation tool that can help L&D create videos with ease, in less time, at a reduced cost, and with authenticity is most advantageous.

It is also agreed that AI-generated videos of humans that put instructors at the center are very effective at addressing these needs. 

How D-ID can help

D-ID can help L&D (and any other department in the organization) address their needs, concerns, and goals with a tool that enables them to create compelling instructor-led learning and training videos quickly, hassle-free, cost-efficiently, and with authenticity.

Our offering is an AI-based solution that takes images of real faces, such as your employees, and turns them into high-quality, realistically natural videos. 

It turns a single photo of a person into as many videos as you need. There is no need for video editing skills, nor for hiring an expensive production crew with a line-up of actors and complex equipment.

And with the human instructor at the center of your learning videos, you get more engagement than ever.

We’ll be sharing more of our insights about this pioneering new space later this month at Online Educa Berlin (OEB), where our VP of Sales Igor Hofman is speaking live on Nov. 24. You are also invited to come visit us at stand D40 to learn how you can create person-led videos with ease and minimal time and cost. Click here to book a meeting.

Written for OEB Global 2022 by Yaniv Levi, VP of Product Marketing at D-ID.

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