Students as Digital Changemakers

In our panel at #OEB19, we — four members of the Hochschulforum Digitalisierung’s (HFD) student working group Digital Changemakers and one student employee of the HFD — will discuss the digitalization of education. How useful is the current grading system in a modern digitalized world? How can students contribute to a positive development of education? How can lecturers be supported in using the potential of digitalization? Shall students provide the university with personal data? With the different insights from universities all over Germany, the students will dive into those and related topics. They will also provide a sneak peek into results of the not-yet published survey “A Student Perspective on Digitalization in Higher Education” (working title) with more than 10,000 student participants will serve as the empirical foundation.

You as an attendee of the event will not only have the possibility to listen to this discussion but also to contribute to it by asking questions and sharing your opinion. Moreover, we will give hints and provide examples of how each of us can take action.

Meet Leonie, Lilith, Ines, Onur and Willi and find out what they are looking forward to discussing:

Leonie Ackermann: “I’m a master’s student of Computing in the Humanities at the University of Bamberg and currently a board member of the FZS – freier zusammenschluss von student innenschaften (free association of student bodies). I am looking forward to discuss different ways of engaging students in the development of E-Learning applications and designing curricula fit for the digital age.”

Lilith Diringer: “I am studying International Relations (bachelor’s degree) at the Technical University in Dresden. My interests are in education in general with a particular focus on sustainability. I am looking forward to guide the discussion as moderator and shaping it so that it will be an interesting as well as productive session for everyone. I am also keen on continuing the discussion afterwards and getting in touch with people from different fields during the whole conference.”

Ines Müller-Vogt: “I am an engineer enthusiastic about education and life-long learning. Currently I am a student of Education Management at the University of Education in Ludwigsburg, a member of the Digital Changemakers and Bildungspunks. I am looking forward to talk about the impact students can have to develop future education and to discuss how this future education might look like. I will also be available for an individual exchange of thoughts after the panel or at/after the HFD/SURF Networking Session at 3:30pm in the Pavillon.”

Onur Karademir: “I am a M.Sc. Computer Science student at the Goethe University in Frankfurt and working there on several EdTech Projects as a software developer & project coordinator. Currently we are improving our Quiz App which is used by more than 1000 students. I’m looking forward to talk about the impact students can make when it comes to eLearning. Further-more I’m interested in practice oriented (and self-designed) curricula, which prepare students for a workplace in the digital age.” 

Willi Weisflog: “I work as a student employee at the HFD office in addition to pursuing a master’s degree in Psychology. Previously, I helped set up the education platform Kiron and coordinated the development of the online study offerings as well as several online and offline support programs. I’m looking forward to adding an empirical perspective to the discussion and, more importantly, a student perspective to OEB. Meet me at our panel or at the Matchmaking event at 3:30 pm on Thursday.”

Students as Digital Changemakers will take place on Thursday, Nov 28 from 12:00 – 13:00 in room Chess

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