SDL EDUCA – OEB’s New Security Track

Security and Defence Learning 2012 will see ONLINE EDUCA’s regular pre-conference forum expand into the main conference programme with the creation of SDL EDUCA, a new “security track” at OEB, which will address some of the specific security-related issues educators and e-learning specialists face every day, highlighting new opportunities for technology-assisted learning providers.


SDL EDUCA will focus on the Internet’s hidden dangers and how to deal with them (Nightmare on Web Street); the SDL Lab How to Improve Your Online Security will teach participants the basics about improving their online security; and a session on Piracy, Privacy, Personal Identity and Security will consider how to prevent manipulation, fraud, plagiarism and the unauthorised obtaining of information from the Internet; Finally, the session What education professionals can learn from the security and defence industry, will bring together experts from the defence and education sectors to discuss what education professionals and providers can learn from the security industry.


The Security and Defence Learning Forum and SDL EDUCA events, which include an After-Forum Lounge, as well as the New Security Foundation Luncheon, begin on November 28th at the InterContinental Hotel in Berlin. Full details are available here. To purchase a special combo-ticket to both events, click here.

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