Michelle Obama has egg on her face, and other stories

Around the World, our weekly round-up of international education news, is back with more stories from near and far. This week big data hits the global healines – click here for our own interview with big data expert Dr Viktor Mayer-Schönberger. Plus top stories in energy, health and government – read on below…




UK: the BBC looks at where big data will take our cities in the future… (BBC)


BURMA: Facebook is a newly-gained liberty – but is it holding back real dialogue between citizens and government? (THE GUARDIAN)


USA:  Florence Nightingale for the 21st century – the lady with the lamp gets a smartphone upgrade (MEDCITY)


LIBERIA: All 25,000 university applicants have failed this year’s entrance exam (BBC)


UGANDA: Murchison Bay Prison gets its own e-learning centre (BIZCOMMUNITY)


SCOTLAND: The country may be small, but its experience with energy is huge. E-Learning takes Scottish renewable energy expertise worldwide (SCOTSMAN)


And in other news…


KENTUCKY: School pupils throw their healthy school meals back in the First Lady’s face… (DAILY CALLER)

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