Embrace the Shift in 2023

Here at Speexx, we’re preparing to say goodbye to 2022 and gearing up for 2023. We’re ready to ‘Embrace the Shift’ in business, talent acquisition, tech, and ourselves with our annual thought leadership event, Speexx Exchange.  Here are the topics we’ll be covering:


To propel themselves into the next year and the future, businesses need to inspire, empower, and create leadership at all levels. Jeremy Blain, author of ’The Inner CEO – Unleashing leaders at all levels,’ addresses this need, when he outlines the importance of leaders embarking on their own learning journeys, upskilling themselves, and developing core skills of empathy and relatability to match the growing preferences of employees in organizations.

To ‘Embrace the Shift’ in business, we need to unlearn the old, relearn the new, and focus more on human-centered leadership and management, connection, wellbeing, and mental health.

Equally, great leaders are cultivated most effectively when they benefit from skills coaching for their own learning, advancement, and development. Expect a sharp focus on business coaching for 2023 to bring out the best in leaders, and their people.

Talent Acquisition

Hybrid work is here to stay in 2023, so we can expect this to be a continued focus. But what can organizations do to keep their teams contented, engaged, and (most crucially) onboard?

In the midst of the quiet quitting and anti-work moments that are gathering momentum, what can companies do to ‘Embrace the Shift’ in talent acquisition? The answer is switching from a mindset of ‘acquisition’ and towards ‘retention.’ The era of the great resignation has become the era of the great retention, and firms must focus on how to gain and retain top talent in 2023 in order to future-proof their business and have a happy workforce. Employee experience will emerge as the game changer in 2023.


AI, web3. and the Metaverse will all feature prominently in 2023 as we ‘Embrace the Shift’ in tech.

The word on everyone’s lips, AI, will become increasingly accessible to companies of all sizes in the upcoming year. Workplace tools will rely more on this technology, while some functions may even be replaced by AI altogether. And remember the buzzword ‘hyperreal content,’ as this is set to make a big impact in 2023 as AI will create brand new images, sounds, and information as sophisticated programs learn to mimic the human brain — with a little something extra that we’ve never seen before.


Transformation starts with you. To ‘Embrace the Shift’ in ourselves, we can place an emphasis on continuous growth and expansion, be that in the form of advancing and enhancing our careers and our skillset with language learning, or by embarking on a career pathing track to set, attain, and exceed professional goals, benchmarks, and aspirations. Get ready to ‘Embrace the Shift’ in you!

Embrace the Shift with us and OEB at Speexx Exchange on 23 November, in Berlin and online. Register for free here to secure your spot!

Written for OEB Global 2022 by the team at Speexx.

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