Coursera for Business Launches Leadership Academy to Deliver World-Class Management Training at Scale

The disruption and uncertainty caused by digital transformation, and widespread adoption of hybrid work have created new challenges for organisations. These challenges require leaders to keep pace as change accelerates.

Coursera is excited to launch the Leadership Academy to help companies develop the next generation of leaders and high-performance teams amid a rapidly changing workplace, remote work, and back-to-office transitions.

Offered as part of the company’s enterprise platform Coursera for Business, the academy will feature content from the world’s top universities and companies — taught by many leading instructors. Coursera’s growing portfolio of Academies includes the Data and Analytics Academy, Cloud and IT Academy, Software Engineering Academy, Marketing Academy, Finance Academy, and now Leadership Academy. Coursera’s six academies are powered by our proprietary and innovative SkillSets platform, which helps employees develop specific skills for specific roles.

The Leadership Academy features 42 SkillSets, including Emotional Intelligence, Interpersonal Skills, Change Management, and Organizational Development. These cutting-edge SkillSets make leadership skills measurable, enabling employees and managers to track progress against skill development targets as learning progresses.

The Leadership Academy prepares employees for a range of different leadership roles by learning to:

  • Lead Yourself – enable employees to develop leadership behaviours by obtaining a foundational understanding of management, change, and human skills.
  • Lead Teams – develop team leadership capabilities by strengthening change, recognition, people development, and collaboration skills.
  • Lead Organisations – build organisational leadership capabilities that empower leaders to grow people and profits.
  • Lead Transformation – develop workforce capabilities that empower all employees to adapt, innovate, and transform the business.

The Leadership Academy features over 350 job-based content recommendations from leading university and industry partners including:

Enterprise cloud data management company Informatica is among the first to embrace the Leadership Academy.  

The notion that great leaders are born, not made, is misleading. An important part of leadership development is the realization that there are component skills that can be learned and mastered,” said Matt Dearmon, Director of Leadership and Professional Development at Informatica. “As the world keeps changing, we need to support leaders at every level of our organisations with the types of targeted, reliable skills that form the basis of the Leadership Academy. We’re excited to leverage this Academy to help deliver skills-focused leadership training that is both scalable and personalized to the needs of the learner. We can meet them where they are and help take them where they want to be.

Launched on August 18, 2021, the Leadership Academy is now broadly available to all Coursera for Business customers. With the Leadership Academy, Coursera looks forward to helping customers provide teams across their organisation with job-based skills development paths, and to equip them with the growth mindset and human skills required to thrive in a digital economy.

By Leah Belsky, Coursera Chief Enterprise Officer

On September 16, 2021 at 13:00 Coursera will explore how skills-based learning can impact your organisation and why prioritising learning during this time of unprecedented change is a strategic imperative. Visit our website for more information about this OEBCast Episode.

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