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Repercussions of the recent downturn in the financial sector have been felt heavily in the business world, but anyone with even a modicum of entrepreneurial acumen knows that out of something bad, something good can come. The current climate presents an opportunity to revamp corporate learning and training, swapping traditional and outdated strategies for fresh and innovative ones. What do work-based learning, cloud learning and blended learning entail, and how can they be adapted to suit different business structures? What benefits do open learning and distance learning offer businesses, and how can they be efficiently embedded? At this year’s ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN, questions such as these will be the focus of numerous sessions from expert-led discussions through to real-life case studies, providing a comprehensive theoretical and practical overview of the possibilities.

The rise and rise of workplace learning

The weakened business climate and period of global financial restructuring over the past eighteen months have increased the focus on workplace learning as an effective and efficient tool to improve workforce performance, productivity and competitiveness. All evidence points to the fact that workplace and ‘informal’ learning (learning that is not bound by classes and courses) have huge potential as contributors to the bottom line, as well as to building individual performance. With the increased focus on informal and workplace learning, there is considerable evidence to suggest that these approaches provide excellent opportunities to meet the challenges of rapidly changing business needs, tightening training budgets, and closer linkage to individual, team, and organisational performance than many traditional formal learning and development modalities.

Consequently, many organisations are now focusing on how to implement workplace learning effectively. Some are seeing their learning teams respond by embracing innovation and change and integrating workplace-learning approaches into their modus operandi. However, many other organisations are continuing to see allocation of most of their budget and resources to off-the-job, formal training courses, programmes, and curricula. Often the inertia is not due to lack of desire to do things differently among learning professionals, but to a lack of clarity about what options are available to them. Many are aware of the need to identify and implement the ‘right solutions’ to leverage informal and workplace learning but don’t know which buttons to press to get underway.


There will be lots of opportunities for discussion and learning about implementing effective workplace learning at the ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN conference this year.

Formal sessions throughout the conference will address workplace-learning issues. There is also an entire theme devoted to the ‘New Era of Corporate Learning’. These sessions are designed for anyone dealing with the significant challenges that are confronting corporate learning across the world and will include expert-led round-table discussions, symposia, demonstrations, unconferences, and rapid-fire pecha kucha sessions, together with a learning-video festival, all exploring corporate learning and presenting examples of best practice solutions.

Here you can find the sessions sorted by area of interest and choose the workplace-learning sessions you are interested in:

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